You are solely responsible for your own actions and decisions, and the evaluation and use of our products and services must be based on your due diligence.
The purchase of CosMilk tokens constitutes an investment, so it is inherently risky.
This document and our website described in our present plans could be modified, depending on many factors outside of CosMilk control. This document does not provide financial investment recommendations or any advice. The CosMilk team advises you to consult a financial advisor before investing in the project.
The token COSMI may be volatile. When buying COSMI, you are accepting that you are not buying security or investment. By this means, you agree that the CosMilk team is not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. You agree there is no guarantee about the duration of the project, which could be stopped by different external factors. As such, there is no guarantee that the price of a COSMI token will not fall, nor can it be guaranteed that the protocol money will be spent to keep the price of the COSMI token at a minimum.
Please note that the following factors can hinder the development of COSMI:
  • The development of the crypto market and the beginning of the long-term bear market
  • The instability of the BlockChain
  • The possibility of congestion
  • The possibility of error and hack
  • Legal obstacles, and regulatory changes that prevent the CosMilk team from completing the project
  • And ultimately the technical nature of the DeFi revenue log.
Coordinating with CosMilk, which means that it is intended to start, despite human or financial errors. These situations are beyond the control of CosMilk and there is no guarantee that they will not occur in the future.